Surprise Proposals and Engagement Rings

Less than 1% of the population gets engaged each year, which makes seeing a surprise proposal in a restaurant or other location so special. And a proposal just isn't complete without the diamond engagement ring. I'll post the popular styles on this Blog on a regular basis. Email me at with your surprise proposals and engagement ring photos and I'll add them. Happy Engagement!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Did Jennifer Anniston Say "No" to Vince?

Rumor has it that Jennifer Anniston refused Vince Vauhgn's marriage proposal. The engagement ring (which appears to be in the "J Lo" upper tier of bling) wasn't enough to convince her that Vince is the right guy.

Celebrity Engagements

Against all Hollywood odds, celebrities love being in love and getting engaged. Here is a list of some lucky ladies who received engagement rings during the first-half of 2006:

  • Susie Smith recieved a proposal from U2 bassist Adam Clayton on April 10, 2006.
  • No longer Desperate Housewive Nicollette Sheridan celebrated her engagement to past-beau Michael Bolton in March 2006.
  • Katie Holmes said "Oui!" when Tom Cruise popped the question atop the Eiffel Tower.
  • Rebecca Romijn accepted Jerry O'Connell's proposal, and the stunning yellow diamond solitaire engagement ring at his parents' New York City home.
  • Matt Damon gave his bride a three-stone diamond engagement ring, set in platinum.

You don't have to be in the pages of People or have lots of money to propose in a big way. Just be creative and make the proposal personal and from the heart.

If you can't afford the big rock at this stage in your career, don't let that stop you from proposing. She may say she wants a three-carat pink diamond, but I bet she'd be just as happy with a smaller diamond set in a simple ring.

When you sign you multi-million dollar contract with the studio, you can upgrade her ring at that time, of course.

Happy Engagement!


Before You Pop the Question

Thinking about proposing? Before you pop the question, take a few moments to read this:

So, you are sure she’s the one. Whether it’s taken you weeks or years to come to this conclusion, you just know it.

You may have friends who have recently popped the question, or perhaps you are the first of your group to take this step. What you need to know is that the way you propose should be meaningful and something that will make her friends jealous. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend lots of money to rent out the big screen at a baseball game. What it will entail is some research so you have an idea of what type of proposal she’d love, and then careful and secretive planning to make it happen.

Top three things to make the proposal special:
1. Be sure it is all about what she loves, and that will have special meaning for both of you. (If she has an annual pass to Disneyland, and she insists on watching the fireworks every single time you go, then propose during the grand finale.)
2. Public or private? If she relishes being the center of attention, then arrange to pop the question on the stage before a concert. (This takes some legwork, but you can contact the singer or band’s manager several weeks out and share your story. Your proposal could mean extra PR for the performer, so if you present it that way they may readily agree.) Or, does she feel most comfortable at home watching rented movies? Then keep the proposal intimate, between just you and her.
3. The Engagement Ring. Listen to her clues, check for magazines that she may have dog-eared, and most of all, take your time to find a ring you know she’ll love almost as much as she loves you. Some women prefer a big diamond in a simple setting, others want a stunning platinum style and don’t mind if the diamond is a half-carat. Be sure you invest in the part she feels is most important, since she is the one who will be wearing the ring, after all.

All you need: A unique proposal. A romantic proposal. A beautiful engagement ring. When your proposal is from the heart she is sure to say "yes."

Happy Engagement!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Top Engagement Rings - 2006

The most popular engagement rings at Robbins Bros., World's Biggest Engagement Ring Store include traditional and vintage styles set in platinum, classic and vintage styles set in 18K gold, as well as designer rings by Jeff Cooper, Tacori, Scott Kay, Ritani and Simon G.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Perfect Ways to Propose

There are endless ways to pop the question, which means, to many guys, there are endless ways to mess up the most important question of your life. At Robbins Bros., World's Biggest Engagement Ring Store we have a service called Perfect Proposals which is all about helping the guy plan a proposal she'll cherish forever. So while the engagement ring is important, the way you propose is right up there as something you want to get right.

Remember: the proposal should be personal, and something she'll appreciate. If she is a private person and prefers an intimate dinner and a movie, do not propose during half-time at a professional basketball game at center court.

Here are five of my favorite ways to propose:

1) Ask her to marry you at the location where you had your first date
2) Plan a short airplane trip and ask the flight attendant to make a special announcement welcoming a special guest (your girlfriend's name) and her seat location. You will then take over the public address system and tell her how much you love her, and propose to her in front of all the passengers, 30,000 feet in the sky.
3) Take her up in a hot air balloon, and as you lift off, have the crew hold a giant banner that says "Will you marry me, Lisa?" so she can see it as you go up into the sky.
4) Hire a professional photographer for an hour, but tell your girlfriend this is a college student who wants to follow you around taking photos to earn college credits for a class. Do some serious posing then drop to one knee and look her in the eye and propose.
5) Pick a day to deliver six of her favorite flowers to her workplace at 9:00 am. Then, every hour, have the florist deliver just one more flower, with a little love note. At 3:00 pm, you will personally deliver the 12th flower, with a note that says this flower completes the bouquet. Then you will tell her she makes you complete, and propose right there in front of her coworkers.

For more engagement ideas, email me at And if you need help finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, check out

Happy engagement!