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Less than 1% of the population gets engaged each year, which makes seeing a surprise proposal in a restaurant or other location so special. And a proposal just isn't complete without the diamond engagement ring. I'll post the popular styles on this Blog on a regular basis. Email me at with your surprise proposals and engagement ring photos and I'll add them. Happy Engagement!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Perfect Ways to Propose

There are endless ways to pop the question, which means, to many guys, there are endless ways to mess up the most important question of your life. At Robbins Bros., World's Biggest Engagement Ring Store we have a service called Perfect Proposals which is all about helping the guy plan a proposal she'll cherish forever. So while the engagement ring is important, the way you propose is right up there as something you want to get right.

Remember: the proposal should be personal, and something she'll appreciate. If she is a private person and prefers an intimate dinner and a movie, do not propose during half-time at a professional basketball game at center court.

Here are five of my favorite ways to propose:

1) Ask her to marry you at the location where you had your first date
2) Plan a short airplane trip and ask the flight attendant to make a special announcement welcoming a special guest (your girlfriend's name) and her seat location. You will then take over the public address system and tell her how much you love her, and propose to her in front of all the passengers, 30,000 feet in the sky.
3) Take her up in a hot air balloon, and as you lift off, have the crew hold a giant banner that says "Will you marry me, Lisa?" so she can see it as you go up into the sky.
4) Hire a professional photographer for an hour, but tell your girlfriend this is a college student who wants to follow you around taking photos to earn college credits for a class. Do some serious posing then drop to one knee and look her in the eye and propose.
5) Pick a day to deliver six of her favorite flowers to her workplace at 9:00 am. Then, every hour, have the florist deliver just one more flower, with a little love note. At 3:00 pm, you will personally deliver the 12th flower, with a note that says this flower completes the bouquet. Then you will tell her she makes you complete, and propose right there in front of her coworkers.

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Happy engagement!


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